Download SnapChat++ Emus4u on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak (Guide)

Download Snapchat++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] from Emus4U App Store: There is a plenitude of tweaked and modified iOS applications which due to Apple Store’s strict guidelines don’t get a chance to feature on the official platform. Third party App Stores, Emus4U being the most popular one, comes to the rescue of such applications by providing them a hosting platform. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install Snapchat++ on iPhone/iPad from Emus4U App Store.

Snapchat++ is a tweaked version of the original Snapchat application and contains a host of new features which are not present in the original version. Let us have a look at the features of Snapchat++ before peeking into the installation steps of the same.


Snapchat++ on iOS – Emus4U – Best Features

Please note that you cannot have both Snapchat++ and the original Snapchat application installed together on the same iPhone/iPad. Therefore, before you proceed with the installation of Snapchat++, you have to uninstall the original version. You do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad in order to install Snapchat++. Check out some crazy features of Snapchat++.

  • Recording Time: You can increase the time of your recording.
  • Location: You can spoof your location.
  • Customization: Customization of launch view and notification sounds is possible.
  • Stories: You can download stories of your Snapchat contacts.

These are not all but only some of the additional features that you will get with Snapchat++.  Are you eager to download the tweaked application? Following are the steps to download and install Snapchat++ on iPhone/iPad from Emus4U store without jailbreak.

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Download and Install Snapchat++ from Emus4U App Store [STEPS]

  • Please launch Safari Browser on your iPhone/iPad and navigate here. [Download Emus4u App]
  • You will get a pop-up on your iPhone/iPad stating that the webpage wants to open Settings on your device. Please allow it to do so. Tap on ‘Allow’ for the same.
  • Now, you will see a configuration profile of Emus4U coming up. Tap on ‘Install’ present on the top right corner and press ‘Install’ again from the pop-up that comes up later.

    Emus4u App Install on iOS
    Emus4u App Install on iOS
  • Navigate to the home screen and you will see the icon of Emus4U come up in ‘Waiting’ status. The installation will start and within a few minutes, you will have the Emus4U application present installed successfully on your iOS device. In case the installation does not start, please tap on the ‘Waiting’ icon to initiate the installation.
  • Before you launch the application, please trust its profile from Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management.
  • Launch Emus4U and tap on ‘View our Apps.’ Conduct a look for Snapchat++ in the apps section. It will come up usually as the first search result.

    SnapChat++ on iOS - Emus4u App
    SnapChat++ on iOS – Emus4u App
  • Tap on ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ button present next to Snapchat++ icon to install the same on your iOS device.

    SnapChat++ Installed - Emus4u App
    SnapChat++ Installed – Emus4u App
  • Don’t launch the application straight away. Please trust the profile of Snapchat++ and then launch the application.

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Final Words – Snapchat++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] from Emus4U Store

These were the simple steps through which you can get Snapchat++ on your iPhone/iPad for free. In case you get stuck anywhere during the installation process, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will help you out on a priority basis.

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